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Saudi King Just Stunned Ivanka With What He Just Handed Her In Private That Nobody Was Expecting

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Saudi King Just Stunned Ivanka With What He Just Handed Her In Private That Nobody Was Expecting

There is a lot that can be said about Saudi Arabia, but women being free is not one of them. As we all know, Saudi Arabia has a long history of oppressing women in their country. The women that live in this area are not allowed to speak to men that are not their family members. Also, these women are supposed to be covered completely, and there is segregation in most household. Though it should be noted that there has been some loosening of the rules in the area, but there is much more work to be done.

The United States government has always been vocal on calling out these human rights violations in the past. And, it is expected that the Trump administration will be just as vocal as previous administrations in the past. So, what happened today should be cause for celebration, but leave it to liberals to tarnish something positive.

Ivanka Trump sat down on Sunday with Saudi women to talk about empowerment. These women in this country are subjected to horrible conditions and oppression. Which is why I think that Ivanka Trump sitting with these women is amazing. According to the White House, Ms. Trump planned on sitting down with Saudi women, including civil society leaders, business women, and elected government officials, “to hear their experiences and discuss opportunities for women’s economic empowerment.”

Here is more from The Hill:

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will reportedly pledge $100 million toward a fund for women entrepreneurs that was built by Ivanka Trump.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Fund, an idea that the president’s elder daughter proposed, will work to help women in the Middle East who want to start their own businesses.

The donation from Saudi Arabia and the UAE was set to be announced at a Sunday event with President Trump’s daughter, according to the report.
The first daughter spoke with Saudi women who are civil leaders, businesswomen, and elected government officials during the president’s first foreign trip.

The State Department has noted problems with human rights in Saudi Arabia, including “citizens’ lack of the ability and legal means to choose their government; restrictions on universal rights, such as freedom of expression, including on the Internet, and the freedoms of assembly, association, movement, and religion; and pervasive gender discrimination and lack of equal rights that affected most aspects of women’s lives,” the Washington Post reported.

In the conservative Islamic country, women are not allowed to drive and require permission from a male guardian to travel in public. Women are also required to cover themselves in public.

Now, I know the liberals are freaking out and calling Trump a hypocrite considering the Hillary Clinton scandals. But, there is something worthy to note here that they are missing in this story. You see, Ivanka Trump does not own, control, or raise money for the World Bank fund. The Saudi King who pledged this money is so that women in his country are going to be given a chance to live a better life.

Like I said before, you would think this would have liberals ecstatic, right? Oh, but you guessed it, they are not at all. In fact, they are insinuating that this generous donation is actually a ‘pay for play’.

Here check out how Twitter exploded after this donation was revealed.
Do these people ever stop with their insanity?

This mock liberal outrage is absolutely frustrating and I am so tired of it. We all know that if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, and Chelsea Clinton had arranged this there would be monuments built in her honor. However, since Ivanka Trump received this donation it must be nefarious. These leftist moonbats just never quit with their hateful narratives. They cannot admit at all that this is a noble cause geared to help women. We all know that there is much more work to be done in this region, but I feel that this is a step in a positive direction.

I am proud that Ivanka Trump was able to secure such a donation to help these oppressed women. Hopefully, now they will be given a chance to really be free and not suffer any longer.

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