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BOOM: Trump Deploys POWERFUL Weapon. North Korea Panicking.

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BOOM: Trump Deploys POWERFUL Weapon. North Korea Panicking.

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We have been at odds with North Korea for years now. No one has known quite what to do about them until President Trump stepped into office.

Aside from the air carrier, submarine fleet, and foot soldiers our military and Trump placed around the Communist country, we now have a new weapon to help us: The U.S. Air Force sent a nuclear sniffer around the Korean Peninsula. (via Yonhap News).

The purpose of this sniffer, WC-135 Constant Phoenix, is to test and see if North Korea is currently testing nuclear weapons. It goes through the atmosphere and gathers samples to detect and inform us if there has been a nuclear explosion in the area.

After all of the threats that North Korea has made towards us, we need to check and make sure they are not planning something drastic. The Constant Phoenix is also able to identify whether or not there were any changes in the atmosphere from the last time it checked, even if the difference is non-nuclear.

We have heard unconfirmed rumors that North Korea spoke with China about their plans for nuclear experimentation. It would be odd to discover this information were true, especially considering that China has been siding with us up until this point.

Information has come in from South Korea informing the United States that the North Korean military is ready to launch their sixth nuclear test at their known Punggye-Ri site. They are allegedly just waiting on orders from Kim Jong-un.
The North Koreans have been allowed to run amok for too long. They need to know that they are on watch and that their threats are being taken seriously. If they try to strike against us we will bring them down in one fell swoop.

It is great to finally have a President that is willing to stand up for us in our time of need. The former president, Obama, let everything slide and never once even issued a warning to the North Koreans.

How long would it have taken for Obama to say something? Would he have waited until AFTER our country was buried in nuclear fallout? I thank God every day that the “traitor-in-chief” is no longer in office and we now have a president dedicated to making America SAFE again!

We are following this story closely because it is paramount to our future. If we end up in a military conflict with North Korea it is only because Kim Jong-un was allowed to test his hardware without anyone stepping up.

Now that we have President Trump by our side you can bet that we WILL NOT back down. We will get the North Korean situation squared away at ANY cost!

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